introducing: FRESHMEN FRIDAY

I have finally started to drop the content that I've spent the last couple of months working on... building up photographs and interviews of young, emerging creatives. FRESHMENFRIDAY is a web platform showcasing original content that explores both the inspirational and practical means by which successful young artists progress from initial concept to reality. FF is here to get a deeper understanding, to explore the hidden aspects of the creative process...the inspiration and the execution...the journey from point A to point B. Freshmen Friday is made by and for the modern freelance creative; the jack of all trades who wants some guidance through the paths that peers and predecessors have chosen. Check out the below photos I snapped of one of our first features, Hannah Sider.


I had the pleasure of working with some of my favorite individuals on photographing one of our generation's most promising talent and ravishing beauty, Wynter Gordon. We have finally decided to release the images from the shoot we did in NYC fall of this past year, with Savannah Baker as the stylist, Christine Hohl as the make up artist, Elizabeth Woodbury on set design and yours truly behind the lens. Enjoy! x


My rad friends and I just opened an online shop collected, curated and captured by traveling artists. I'm currently shooting the product and selling out of LA. Check out our first item for sale and some additional flicks below. The official website will be opening soon but for now we're available here.


A live performance video I shot of Makonnen performing "Wrist" at ALIFE in NYC, presented by clothing brand Married to the Mob. This show was his last performance before getting signed to OVO. Luckily, I had a camera on hand!


It is with great pleasure that I'm presenting my dear stylist friend, Freya Myles and I's first feature together, shot for Ellements Magazine. Nearly nine months ago we embarked on a photo adventure around Jamaica with way too many suitcases, some ribbon to tie the trunk shut, a camera in hand and a vision. And now we are here! Thank you Ellements.


I recently got back from Bermuda, a place where my sister and I traveled to five years ago and promised ourselves to make it back every year. We returned the year after but haven't been back since 2010...until now! And thank God!!! A much needed vacation. However, the island is a beautiful paradise with some dark secrets. It definitely wasn't as carefree as it was when we were naive 18 year olds. I'll be making a short documentary elaborating on this very soon, until now you can check out some photographs I shot during my trip...


Bodega Bamz is on the come up, and he's bringing his Tanboys crew with him. In this exclusive mini-documentary, Bamz and the crew travel to Toronto for a packed-out show and along the way share stories about everything from religion to relationships and link up with the Flatbush Zombies. This isn't about the Tanboys' music, this is about Tanboys as a cultural movement.

Shot and edited by Olivia Seally

Exclusively released by DJ Booth