My rad friends and I just opened an online shop collected, curated and captured by traveling artists. I'm currently shooting the product and selling out of LA. Check out our first item for sale and some additional flicks below. The official website will be opening soon but for now we're available here.


A live performance video I shot of Makonnen performing "Wrist" at ALIFE in NYC, presented by clothing brand Married to the Mob. This show was his last performance before getting signed to OVO. Luckily, I had a camera on hand!


It is with great pleasure that I'm presenting my dear stylist friend, Freya Myles and I's first feature together, shot for Ellements Magazine. Nearly nine months ago we embarked on a photo adventure around Jamaica with way too many suitcases, some ribbon to tie the trunk shut, a camera in hand and a vision. And now we are here! Thank you Ellements.


I recently got back from Bermuda, a place where my sister and I traveled to five years ago and promised ourselves to make it back every year. We returned the year after but haven't been back since 2010...until now! And thank God!!! A much needed vacation. However, the island is a beautiful paradise with some dark secrets. It definitely wasn't as carefree as it was when we were naive 18 year olds. I'll be making a short documentary elaborating on this very soon, until now you can check out some photographs I shot during my trip...


Bodega Bamz is on the come up, and he's bringing his Tanboys crew with him. In this exclusive mini-documentary, Bamz and the crew travel to Toronto for a packed-out show and along the way share stories about everything from religion to relationships and link up with the Flatbush Zombies. This isn't about the Tanboys' music, this is about Tanboys as a cultural movement.

Shot and edited by Olivia Seally

Exclusively released by DJ Booth


My top shotta baby gyal JUNGLEPUSSY recently released her debut album, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! In typical girl power fashion we put together a photoshoot with the wonderful make up artist Christine Hohl and UK stylist Savannah Baker. Tish Weinstock put it all together and released it through i-D. Check out the final article below and you can stream her new album here.


Yesterday was a big day! Junglepussy and Popcaan, my two favorite young black artists out right now, dropped their albums yesterday!!! For the occasion i-D was on top of it all and released a wonderful Q&A with Popcaan the same day. The article includes my favorite photograph from the time I spent with Popcaan in Shocking Vibes Studio Kingston, Jamaica. You can hear Poppy's new album here!

As for Junglepussy, you can look forward to some goodies presented to you by none other than i-D coming very soon! 


Alas! I can start sharing some of the images I shot of Popcaan during my stay in Jamaica. It was a pleasure to work with the Unruly Boss and this interview in Complex, of which my photographs are featured, couldn't have been more true to life. I'm currently putting together a visual diary of my own story behind the images and experience with Popcaan's music in Kingston, but I'm thankful that Complex writer Reshma B did his story such justice.


Popcaan's album "Where We Come From" will be coming out June 10th and can be pre-ordered here.


One day back in the Big Apple - Cris and I are at the Mac Store trying to fix the seemingly impossible mystery that is my phone service. I'm overhearing a conversation a customer is having with a sales rep, the man is surprisingly calm while he announces that an Apple charger burnt down his apartment a week ago so his current wireless problem is the least of his worries. I am already sufficiently disappointed with Babylon and have only been out of Jamaica for a week now. Cris and I take to the computer to look up some cheap flights to anywhere but here really.. and just at that moment we get a phone call from OhLa, Cris' childhood friend and one of the members of the TanBoys movement that hails from Spanish Harlem who is on the up and coming in the rap game. They're heading to Toronto for Canadian Music Week and offered us two seats on their two day road trip... Video coming soon!


As I recently got back from an absolutely life changing trip to Jamaica I finally have the chance to update my website with some of the wonderful people I've been blessed to meet and document while in Zion for two blissful months. First to be added to the list is the band the Courtney John Project. I originally contacted their management as I was interested in such musical innovation especially coming out of Jamaica, which is mostly a dancehall and reggae dominated music hub. Billboard's Patricia Meschino described their sound as the intersection of "electronic dance music (EDM) meets roots reggae. 'Roots is the foundation; tronic is the innovation,' says John, an accomplished singer/songwriter best known for his lovers rock hits 'When You Say' and 'Lucky Man'."

No words could even explain how that simple but complex thought musically manifests itself, especially when hearing it on a beautifully breezy March day, in a hidden studio behind a hair salon, away from the politics of the music industry. It was the stuff of fruits - all the juice, no pulp.

To see more of my photographs of the Courtney John Project click here.

Well I know who you are, baby

I've seen you go into that meditative state.

You're the snake charmer, baby.

And you're also the snake.

-Patti Smith