Cris and I are staying right across the street from Negril's 7 Mile Beach. The balcony is absolutely breathtaking - we look out on to endless fields of luscious foliage. The hotel has a (somewhat gross) nostalgic feel about it - like it was the TOP place in the 90s and 80s but no ones kept it up since. But this morning I awoke (after seeing Sizzla perform on the beach last night), I opened all the windows and it instantly turned from a dodgy hotel room to a 5-star, clean, bright heaven of a place. We spent all day on the beach; walking up and down, drinking Pina Coladas and soaking up the sun. Now I love it here. Relaxing and beautiful - even the insistent hustlers are kind of endearing. They have like twelve different side hustles after you decline their first item or service for sale. Gotta respect it though.