Woke up this morning to the soothing sounds of waves crashing. Last night we got into Ocho Rios around 6pm. A really nice lady who I spotted in the in the bathroom at the Jerk Centre Knutsford bus stop put us in a route taxi and Cris went to get a patty as we were waiting for the cab driver to get more passengers. Eventually three Germans get in the car and are staying at the same hostel as us! So off we go… thank God they were there or else we would’ve definitely missed the entrance to Villa Sake - a lazy house suspended over a little cove of water in the ocean. There’s 4 or 5 little cabins lining the main 3BR house where we’re staying in a perfect room to the left of the half-living-room-half-enclosed-deck (as the wall facing the water is entirely glass windows with two huge panels missing). 

We’re starving at this point so we see two different Germans entering the house and chat with them. They suggest a 10 minute walk to a place called Tommy’s Jerk Center - which we shortly find out is a open-space bar with a pool table surrounded by a few large beautiful wood tables that are across between dining and bar tables. All plotted on 130 something acre land up a steep hill off the main road. We order curry shrimp and jerk chicken for dinner and although we promised ourselves to stop drinking the day before I ordered a white rum and cranberry and Cris ordered a white rum and ting. We sat down, enjoyed the adorable baby puppies - Bringles and Bella, and got introduced to the owners Lennin and his father; whose name we never got but eventually in the night christened him ‘Pops’....