As I recently got back from an absolutely life changing trip to Jamaica I finally have the chance to update my website with some of the wonderful people I've been blessed to meet and document while in Zion for two blissful months. First to be added to the list is the band the Courtney John Project. I originally contacted their management as I was interested in such musical innovation especially coming out of Jamaica, which is mostly a dancehall and reggae dominated music hub. Billboard's Patricia Meschino described their sound as the intersection of "electronic dance music (EDM) meets roots reggae. 'Roots is the foundation; tronic is the innovation,' says John, an accomplished singer/songwriter best known for his lovers rock hits 'When You Say' and 'Lucky Man'."

No words could even explain how that simple but complex thought musically manifests itself, especially when hearing it on a beautifully breezy March day, in a hidden studio behind a hair salon, away from the politics of the music industry. It was the stuff of fruits - all the juice, no pulp.

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